Discover What Sets Our

Custom Homes Apart!

We don’t just build homes, we build relationships that are worth keeping. Naturally, the design is only part of the equation. We partner with you to develop a budget that puts you in control of the bottom-line. A “good deal” is different things to different people, depending on the priorities of the customer. With the right information, all your decisions can be good decisions. Finally, we will work closely with you to ensure that your home meets all your expectations, from start to finish.

Home Design

The way we start is by fully understanding your needs and designing a home specifically for you. All our homes start with our own designs, done to your exact specifications and modified to exactly meet your needs. Your home should reflect your tastes, your lifestyle, and your dreams!

Commitment to Excellence

Building technology is constantly evolving, which is why we are committed knowing the latest trends.

One of the primary reasons for building a new home is to take advantage of the constantly evolving construction technology. Every year reveals enormous improvements towards the ways in which we live. Our homes consume less and less energy, while meeting greater and greater demands for performance and comfort. Appliances and mechanical equipment of today are vastly improved over their predecessors. Here are just a few examples of the newest technology that we work with:

  • Better Integration of Interior/Exteriors Spaces
  • Drought Awareness for Landscape Design
  • Expert Home Security  Technology
  • Sustainable Building Materials
  • Natural Building Products
  • High Efficiency Mechanical Systems
  • Universal Design Features

Commitment to Value

We develop a plan that stays within your budget but exceeds your expectations.

Understanding Your Needs

No informed decision can be made without a confident understanding of costs. We approach developing a budget in a methodical way. You can expect us to meet with you to develop a complete awareness of your needs. 

No Obligation Design

We will design your home at no cost or obligation to you. Once you are absolutely happy with the design, we will put the plan out for key bids that will enable us to create an accurate budget.

Confident Decision

Equipped with a detailed design, a well researched budget, and good advice on how to balance your resources you can confidently make the decision to contract for your McGuire custom home.

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