A home is more than just an address, it’s where life happens. We have put together a team of professionals second to none in knowing the trends and technologies that will make building your home something special.


A home is more than just an address, it is where life happens. Family and friends take refuge in these surroundings that have been created for them, by you. McGuire Builders have enjoyed over 35 years of partnering with our customers to create some of the finest homes in West Texas. We have put together a team of professionals second to none that will make building your home something special. 

Our Customers

We ask our customers to share their thoughts on the entire design process. The way our customers feel about their home is of utmost importance to us. We wish we could take credit for the homes we build, but the fact is the customers make all the difference. When building a new home, we work with our customers like a partnership. You know your dream; we know how to make that dream a reality. 


Communication is pivotal, beginning with an inquiry and lasting until the project is completed. Therefore, we have a high standard when it comes to making ourselves available. Our team is always ready to assist you. We value feedback from our customers and use that feedback as a way to further cater to your needs. Regardless of where we are in the home building process, we love hearing from you!

Randy McGuire

Vice President, & Founder

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The process begins with putting your dreams onto paper. Randy will spend whatever time necessary to understand your ideas, your budget, and all that must be considered to balance the process of bringing your home to life.
Randy creates our designs with state-of-the-art modeling software. It’s all done in house, just for you. Because he understands your goals, Randy can guide you in making the right decisions from start to finish.
Randy has been active in the construction industry all his life. He understands the building industry from the ground up. His designs are grounded in experience, and a grasp of what it takes to make a good home design. It’s not enough to simply put lines on paper. And, your home is a one time creation so it has to be done right the first time.
He can’t wait to get started on your dream.

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Phone: 806.535.7678
Email: jrmcg@gmail.com

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Rick McGuire

President, and Founder

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Rick is not just any builder. He was named Texas Association of Builders’ “Builder of the Year” in 2009. In fact, he is a Life Director and currently serving as President of the Texas Association of Builders (TAB). He was recently elected as a Director of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).
Until recently, Rick sat on the State board responsible for maintaining the Performance Standards that addressed warranty issues required by the Texas Residential Construction Commission. In that capacity Rick stayed abreast of industry standards that affected all facets of home construction, including all the latest technologies.
Rick knows his business and what it takes to do the job right.
One of the few things as important as a good budget is your builder’s ability to deliver your home on time and within that budget. Rick personally oversees the entire process of building your home. He takes that role seriously and encourages daily contact with our customers.

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Phone: 806.535.1064
Email: rickmcguire227@gmail.com

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Chris McGuire

Project Manager

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Chris represents the third generation of McGuires building homes in West Texas. True to his family heritage, he takes the relationships we develop with our customers very seriously. His pleasant personality and kind nature adds the perfect touch to what we hope is a lifetime relationship.
One of the things you will like most about your McGuire home is the attention to detail. It doesn’t just feel different, it is different. Chris’ primary responsibility is to see that the detail work gets done, and stays done. As you get to know him you’ll see why he is such an important element of making the dream come true.

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Phone: 806.790.3679
Email: cmcguire71@gmail.com

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