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A Link to Our Past

By April 17, 2010March 2nd, 2016One Comment

If you’ve been following us on Facebook you may have already viewed this short video. It’s one of our favorites, I think because it reminds me of our ties to our heritage.

If you’ve ever researched where our architectural roots originated in West Texas, you quickly foundĀ  that we don’t have a lot of history. Unlike New England that’s been around for hundreds of years, West Texas was only settled in the last 150 years or so. An “old house” in West Texas really hasn’t been around all that long.

Jim Jennings offers a fascinating peek into our past with his recollections of his own heritage. No doubt, you will enjoy listening to him and watching the photographs of just a little bit of your history too. Let your imagination run free for a few minutes, and perhaps add a trip to the Ranching Heritage Center to your list of things to do.

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