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Whenever possible, we like to usePecan Mantel natural materials for prominent features in our homes. Stone, granite or hardwoods add warmth and beauty to any decor.

Rocky and Patti Alburtis own Texas Pecan Wood located here in Lubbock, Texas. They have been harvesting spalted pecan from Central Texas, near Goldthwaite, for the past several years. Their woods are beautiful, and come from trees that lived over a hundred years ago. Rocky saw the possibilities where others never had. He and Patti’s business is sure to grow as more and more people are exposed to the possibilities.

The McGuire Family settled in Comanche County, just down the road from Goldthwaite, beginning in 1852. We have always been very proud of our family heritage. Perhaps that is why we were so drawn to the idea of bringing that lumber into our homes. We have used the pecan wood for┬ámantels, counter tops, and barn doors. Everywhere we’ve used it, it’s been a hit. Customers can’t seem to get enough of the beautiful wood grains.