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Thinking about “downsizing”?

By March 2, 2016April 4th, 2016No Comments

“Downsizing” is a term that is relatively new, but most of us know exactly what it means and have at least considered the possiblilities.

Whether it’s because our children are growing up and leaving home, because of changing income due to retirement, or whatever the reason, the thought of maintaining a smaller home appeals to a lot of us. Regardless of the motivation the concept is fascinating. What’s even more fascinating is the degree to which some people are willing to carry it. The Small House Society is a growing social phenomenon that really sparks peoples’ interest.

Perhaps our affiliation with Vintage Township has opened our eyes to the newness of old ideas. A visit to the Ranching Heritage Center would remind us that homes haven’t always been as large as they typically are now. A few hundred square feet can be a lot of house. It just takes good planning and a willingness to open ourselves to what’s possible.

The real message in this video is that good ideas can come in smaller packages. It might only be shifting from a traditional home to a garden home, but downsizing can be fun and profitable.

And if the truly tiny home is something of interest let your imagination run wild and give us a call.

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