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Welcome to our new look

By April 16, 2010March 2nd, 20163 Comments

About 4 months ago, we decided to take a new direction with our web presence. Like many small businesses we have neglected to take our web presence as seriously as we should. We do a great job building homes. That’s what we do best. But knowing how to maintain a top-notch website has simply never been something we’ve mastered.

Well, all that has changed. Chris Baldelomar, with WebPlant Media, is now a part of the McGuire team. We are happy to have him and Angie Wennerlind on-board. Angie’s graphics have really been the “right touch”. They took our ideas, mixed in a few of our Class A customers, added a few photos of past success and look what they’ve done. We couldn’t be more proud.

There is little doubt marketing has changed enormously since we started in the business. There was a time that building spec-homes, opening them on weekends and meeting new potential clients was the way builders promoted their business. It worked for us for many years. We met hundreds of our neighbors, friends and customers using that technique. A lot of builders continue to use the same strategy, and to some extent it works. But we noticed a change in the market beginning about 10 years ago.

We found that customers are much more informed than ever before. They watch HGTV, cruise the Internet, research products and technologies, and read reviews. They know more about what they want than they used to know. In short, they are more sophisticated. Customers aren’t looking for the perfect spec-home. They know they can do better than getting some of the things they want, and compromising on the rest. They know that there is no need to pay for features of a home that they don’t want, especially at the expense of giving up other features they do want.

What we found was our custom homes sold really well. Our customers enjoyed the process and loved their homes. Our spec homes stayed on the market longer and were never quite what customers had in mind. We were spending more than ever trying to guess what the customers wanted, but never quite meeting the expectations. The clients bought our homes designed especially for them, which was great.

Expect to see more of our efforts dedicated to helping our customers be the most informed they can possibly be. We plan to bring the latest technologies and trends to the table. We’ve learned from our Facebook page that it’s not just a good education for our customers, it’s been good for us too. We are spending more time analyzing the possibilities than ever. It’s exciting, and we hope our clients have as much fun as we are having.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out. Be sure to check back because this is just the beginning.

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